Working at Little America

Customer Service - Native English

Zeist, full-time (40 hours)

Happy clients, that's what you as a Customer Service specialist will be responsible for. Your day is all about providing answers to the questions, asked by our clients from the UK, who have booked their holiday to the USA and/or Canada. Are you a people person, empathetic, stress resistant, and get energy from finding solutions? Then, get acquainted with TravelEssence!

Your role includes:

This position is definitely suitable for you: if you like to reassure people, help them and provide solutions when needed. It is important that you can empathise with the client, and that you are stress resistant. It also helps if you understand the ‘world of travel’, or can imagine what is involved in taking a long journey.

“The biggest challenge is to reassure customers who are looking for a solution. If that works, it gives me so much energy! Our clients are taking the holiday of their life; they have often been waiting for this for a long time. Therefore, it is nice to contribute to their dream trip!”

Mandy, Customer Relations

Working at Little America means:

The Little America office is located in Zeist, where you will join our enthusiastic team.

This is why we really should/don't have you:

+ You do everything to achieve satisfied customers;
+ You enjoy searching for solutions;
+ You have great people skills;
+ You speak native English and understand the UK market;

- You cannot deal with customers;
- You get stressed out quickly;
- You want everything to always stay the same;
- You'd rather not have responsibilities.

Can’t wait to start?

Please send your CV and motivation to

If you have any questions in regards to this position, please contact Janneke Hoff via mail: or give her a call: 0634009209