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TravelEssence is a European high-end travel specialist that entirely revolves around small-scale and experience focused tourism. We build self-drive holidays that take people off the beaten track and into the detail of a destination- by staying with the locals. As of 2006, we organise tailor-made trips to Australia and New Zealand and are regarded as the market leader for the mid to high-end traveller. But now we are creating Little America Travel- focused on the lesser known places in the USA and Canada.

We are active in the Dutch, German, Belgian and Swiss markets. We build holidays that go slow- a few nights at each location with time to enjoy the natural surroundings and lifestyle of location, before moving a few hours down the road to yet another great place. Our clients love us and how we arrange things, with client scores averaging 9.4 from over 1300 reviews.

That’s why Little America Travel wants to bring (the right) European guests to your doorstep, so that our clients can experience Canada and the United States through the eyes of the locals.

Do you share our travel philosophy? Are you interested in working together? Would you like to know more about Little America Travel?
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Robert Eelkman Rooda